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HALICARNASUS(2003) conducted in the city where the one of the 1st seven wonders of world settled .-Bodrum Chamber of Commerce Art Gallery -Bodrum  Ticaret Odası Sanat Galerisi 


2nd Her second solo exhibition EFTALYA (2004)conducted in a historical bathroom buit in 1471 . This exhibition broadcasted on national TV channels in Turkey . Hamam Beyoğlu-Istanbul 


3rd  Her next solo exhibition CALYPSO(2004) was again inspired from greek mythology and gained city and countrwide recognition .-Carpe Diem  Bagdat Caddesi 

4th one of her previous solo exhibition CALLISTA(2005) held at French Street of Beyoglu ,Istanbul .with the opening ceremony of the Mayor of the town(Istanbul) .People came from abroad to see her art . Her tales and games has been issued at press articles and broadcasted at radio and TV channels .


5th Her next solo Art Exhibition at Florida deserved worldwide recognition and mainly outstanding one with her new contribution to promote education via her Art pieces as she did in the past .Her solo art exhibition “”EFTALYA ALA TURCA (2005) at States “ has been held in West Palm Beach and Dave of Florida Signature Grand Ball and Cigdem's sold picture donated for the renovation of Turkish elemantary schooll at small town in Turkey namely Karpinar Isýk Beldesi of Trabzon via the Volunteers Of International Culture & Education based in Florida . a t the end of this fund raising event (Little sushine for little stars ),the founder and the president of V.O.I.C.E. ( Volunteers Of International Culture & Education) and Artist H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu principally agreed on working for future social responsibility projects mainly to to help elementary schools in Turkey in various ways.

6 th Cigdem made her first live radio broadcasting in TRT local radios during the bienal conducted in Antakya in Early summer 2005 . Her solo exhibition made up her paintings with anagrams was called ALTIN AYAK, ALTIN KAYA YALAN KITA , YALIN TAKA . (2005) She painted a boat with her fingers in the same event .  Arsuz Hotel

7th Her exhibition in Nisantasi dedicated to Callisto . CALLISTO”2005  -  Starmar  Nisantası 

8th Cigdem attended the brick action (AKCE CIHLA ) of Portus Praha by painting 34 pieces of brick at Na Prikope of Praha in Czech Republic to provide help for mentally handicapped people on their way towards achieving self-independence well as self confidence , towards leading a normal life without being consigned to large care-taking institutions. (2006) 

9th  Her solo art exhibition and theatral performance in Ayvalik /Turkey EFTALYA AYISIGI VE ZEYTýNDALI which was dedicated to the tales of Olives was a very remarkable event in the area and has been broadcasted on TV . (2006) –Karagöz Sanatevi

10th --H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu‘s exhibition “EFTALYA 7 RUMELI ‘DEN 7 ANADOLU’YA” (2006) and theatral performance opened by the mayor of the Sisli district in Istanbul and was open to press, TV channels VIP visitors and to the invitees .The performance broadcasted on national and worldwide cable TV channels . Now its broadcasted on you tube with the following link address -Arcadia Nisantası

11th Cigdem Yorgancioglu's 10th theatrical performance and solo exhibition with distinguishing characteristics GALATA PERA EFTALYA (2007) has been broadcasted on Tv channel opened with the participation of VIP guests ,artists, press and TV 's on 25 March 2007 ,as of the new year celebrations of old calendar prior the Gregorian calender at NEXUS of Asmalimescit Sokak . The second leg of Cigdem Yorgancioglu's ISTANBUL 2010 European Cultural Capital has been sponsored by Turkish and worldwide well-known wine company DOLUCA SARAPLARI . As a destination of wonders, while focusing on the historical backroad of street Cigdem also related the the name of the Asmalimescit with grape leaves and Pera as the source of grape which followed by the poems dedicated for wines. Rosalind as the daughter of Agatha Christie who was inspired her the mystery of murders of The Orient Express mystery in room 411 of the Pera Palas Hotel. She is concentrated mainly different remarkable profiles of Rue de Pera and Galata as a cultural heritage of Turkey including Nazim Hikmet Turkish famous and reputable Poet, playwright, novelist, Bulent Ozturk famous fiddle-player in Istiklal caddesi , .Besides Having been concentrated on 25 March importance all over the world and throghout the recorded as the date like Mother's Day in Slovenia and its relevance with paintings of Rosalind of Agatha Christie (painting on ) , as a date of Greek Independence Day while acompanied by a song of Turkish greek singer . 

Her 12nd  Solo exhibition and thetral performance BAHAR DALINDA NOSTAL-CI conducted at famous Fransýz (Cezayir )street of Istanbul and broadcasted on Tv channels 

13rd  solo . ALTINCI DAIRE ASMALI BALIK MASALI ” was again at Istanbul Beyoðlu Sofyalý Sokak, Asmalýmescit ,it was the 4th leg of her ALTIN ÇAÐ :ISTANBUL 2000 ON” Golden Age Istanbul 2010 Project and broadcasted on Tv SKY channel

14th  solo exhibition and her theatral performance sponsored by H&G Wine Company ISM-I ALEM ISTANBUL ÜZÜMÜ ” again conducted at Fransýz (Cezayir)Sokagi ,Galatasaray Beyoglu Istanbul ‘ 

15 th solo exhibition and her theatral performance sponsored by Istanbul Chamber of commerce and Qatar Embassy at “Doha Exhibition Centre” under the MADE IN TURKEY EXHIBITION as “THE SULTANI OF ISTANBUL 07 - ISTANBUL SULTANI O7 as a new 6th partition of ALTIN ÇAG :ISTANBUL 2000 ON” The exhibition broadcasted on Al Jazzera TV , Hindi TV s and on Qatar newspapers.

16 th solo exhibition and her theatral performance YEDI OGRENEN ALTIN SEHIR sponsored by Baris Radio shall be held at Modern Sanat Akademisi on 20 March 2010-20 April 2010 as a new 7th partition of ALTIN ÇAG :ISTANBUL 2000 ON”

17 th solo exhibition and her theatral performance EFTALYA KALKEDONYA sponsored by kADIKOY Municipality *Belediyesi . 24 July 2010-31 July 2010 .

18 th solo exhibition and her theatral performance FULYA Sanat Merkezi 

19 th solo exhibition and her theatral performance Ciragan LIONS CLUB April 2012

20 th solo exhibition  Spring Childish Breezes -  Social Responsibility Project -lkbahar Çocuksu Esintiler Resim Sergisi Ali Fuat Cebesoy İlkokulu Senelik Kermes- Sosyal Sorumluluk Projesi kapsamında- May 2016