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PREFACE: As  a most treasured and precious material in Chinese culture, jade  signifies power, virtue status, wealth. A medium to join paradise and earth in rituals The Chinese say, “Gold has a value; jade is invaluable”. Jade as complement of female beauty and power sounds like the hope, best thing ever remained in Pandora ’s Box.


Souls never spin separately when there is perfect harmony. We all are  bound to others in life , so as the tango.  Tango  swaying like life swaying like woman oscillating like man . Yin and yang represents. all things exist as inseparable and opposing counterparts, In tango couples are interlocked, interconnected, complementary, and interdependent . Male and female or leader and follower   contrary forces .The jade of tango is female. The truth, punctured the myth “tango is only a provocative courtship dance like fandango” tango is merely   romance. Of course not necessarily it has to be like that.  On a   reciprocal, contract of dance , opponents yin and yang turn into  partner. Yin and yang cannot stare into each other's eyes. It sounds like impossibility of gazing into eyes while doing tango. Crocus here is a species of flowering plants in the iris family embracing 90 species of perennials growing from corms and represent my name “Cigdem” in English    






Partners fall apart and watching opposite sides

In the name of supremacy of wisdom and aesthetic

Jade is power, Jade is female

Watching the horizontal flips of her hair while moving

on the scene of unity ,she is new in town of milonga ,

warm smile of  tango is fresh

Dislikes the sweat on skin, but  prefer  the   sweat blood


She was ready to be swayed  in her dance with  oscillation,

With full confidence in partner ability

She will pronounce adornnos with her legs ,

such a  decorative creativity . She feels partners are agile

the pillar of the monument never coincides  each other

some touches like she is  a fragile porcelain , actually she is fragile




Craftsman was watching the translucency of a jade

In the midst of the rhymes of dance in semi dark

Pitch-dark in souls creates invisibility occlusion

But exchange of eyes in the dark

With a spiraling sense of expectation

May generate the unity on the dancing floor

 With or without hesitation

It is not a call for temptation

Cabaceo is a written consent for an invitation

To the synchronized movements in an ocean


With such an elegance with ruled improvisations

Couple rotates on their axes as if rewriting a fate.

Invitation has   already been made

with exchanges of looks for new boleos  and ganchos.


Two halves  together ready to complete wholeness in a verse . 

The reflection of cuddles of two in mirror, cuddling the Universe

Movements on chest  are spoken vocabulary , no need to converse 

Because, each words dropping from the  lips ,

kills the concentration make the tango worse


follower  with a fictitious leading man,. Felt  the flame of dance

the infermo of  femme fatale , made  up her own sharp  lines

maestro says  , steps getting   stand back



The tanda started , the weight s are  transferred and synchronized

powdered dancing floor is a stage which  is like a promised land

the heels of the shoes explodes on  floor as planned 

cause the tip toes turn into wings prevails on the sky

Oxytocin. Is secreted from the brain  to whole galaxy  that’s the gland.


Deficiencies  leaned  forward and excesses are cured

In duality, while forming a whole.

splitting apart into greater and better patterns.

While dancing in harmony

Partners never lose their faith

Glistening shanks of follower is not a bait

ıt was a long before, obsolete debate 

The color of aura of jewelry is Jade

Seems like life which will never fade


foot sweeps the other’s foot , barrida

followed by a  a spinning move .colgado

tango is a dance  keeps you on your  toes.

Tango never settles into  a dull  routine.

Nor the cloudy conditioned memorization

Embellished adornos comes with heart palpitation

In Tango, hearts leaped out of  rib cages

not with a motion but with an emotion

Sometimes the reverse is also true

Abrazo !

Embrace the other. Give a hug to a stranger

Full   compassion to Universe

sounds like a strange sensation



In first glance, feeling the zest of dance

Sounds like only a full romance

But it deserves, going  beyond

purity and brilliance of jade is not ones fiancé 

never let your heart pound louder

let the silence slowly to enhance

Tango is like life with its twists and turns,

Trudging through an uphill without climbing

Motion and distance are partners

Like perhaps and the perchance

Dancing in the crowd with crossed legs in a ballroom

is not a meditation but  like a trans


Sun is below the horizon sky is dark and grayed

Crimson color of dress ready to persuade

the couple to  do the dance of  life ,And  they never afraid

the curves with legs  magnificently carved  the Jade

Connecting heaven with the earth  on a  celestial parade



Holding the fingers with a carved ornamental  jade,

With glorious joy or without agony,

souls never  spinned separately when there is perfect harmony

And human love snitches in through a door of  peace,


Music echoing on steps dancing barefoot on heels

Cherishing their own differences. On galactic hills

Partners become an island on ocean of Planets 

life seeks for intervals like cortina ,but not polarizations

That’s like a new Sunrise

That makes the World a sheltered paradise.

Then Ronda denotes a new galaxy as a line of dance 

and couples  dance like   planets in the Solar System

 Around the dance floor, move anticlockwise