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“The Eating and Living Healthy Expo”, organised by the KURE FUAR , will take place between 5-8 March 2020 in biggest venue, Istanbul Congress Center Harbiye Istanbul  .The Tango Therapy Platform(TTP) under the scope of Expo will be curated by Turkish economist, forensic sciences expert (Energy and IT Contracts) and performing artist  milonguera Miss H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu.





On the path of searching  holistic tango experience, Tango is a passion that bonds and unite people all over the world.Tango which promotes companionship and communication through cross cultural tango like poetry and poetics, is an art form like poetry and music which symbolizes humanistic and ethic epitomes, and is hypothetical to encourage moral awareness in its performers with its compassion and kindheartedness. Those words from Cigdem Yorgancioglu , from  Academic presentation in Guangdong -Guangzhou China .She was invited by Guangzhou Ministry Shiu Poetry Festival and Pekin University .She was inivited by the Chinese Department of Peking University, the Chinese Poetry Research Institute of Peking University, the Chinese Poetry Research Center of Capital Normal University and the Chinese Poetry Society  for the 100th Anniversary of Chinese New Poetry, jointly organized , Her tango poem is translated into Chinese and  echoed in China mountains with the  breeze of tango melodies with   live fiddle accompany.  Milonguera Cigdem Yorgancioglu She initiated peace and friendship with tango in China .The secnd leg of the project  was in Istanbul  “Sister and Brotherhood of Milongas” –Milonga Kardeşliği “in Turkish



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Tango is beyond : front and back. sacadas:.  Unique speed and precision in dance is quite vital. We work on it., We all  deeply in love with tango.Connection and dialogue between the tango dance  partners  is quite important  like all kind of human relationships. We all Improving, investing, updating our dance each day. We are on the path of years of exclusive dedication to Tango. All my gratitude for bold vision, and cooperation of crew members of TANGO THERAPY PLATFORM –TTP


Embrace is the essence of life Tango  is almost an embrace .Charming capital of  three different  former empires. A city that embraces two continents .ISTANBUL .. The couple embraces each other connecting Asia and Europa .We are proud to announce TANGO THERAPY PLATFORM activities in ISTANBUL CONGRESS CENTER.. The platform TTP will give you free access to the top crew members  in the field of Tango and healthy life. TTP   offer a great experience to be recalled.


 Curator : H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu






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Tango a way to rediscover our willpower, self-discipline, and self-esteem. Tango the dance of two  authentic self, in harmony. One of the gateway to strengthen and consolidate our health. 



You are invited to TTP. TANGO TERAPI PLATFORMU. Enchanting blend of health and tango rhythms . People may take a giant step forward to develop a strong understanding of tango steps  and how it is related with vigorous, dynamic and healthy  life in TTP.  Obviously Tango is good for health and well-being, social affiliations like other Sports,recreation and dance activities. Based on the numerous articles of academicians,it is claimed that  tango  is used to treat symptoms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, of heart disorders and mental health problems. Under the scope of  TTP  crew members will  not  dare to  act as  therapist's or attempt any diagnose, counseling , medication  or treatment. No therapeutic application will be tried during the fair.  The name coincide with the theme of the Fair “healthy life and eating” curated by Turkish economist, forensic sciences expert (Energy and IT Contracts) and performing artist H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu.



Asia and Europa are real good Tango Partners. Abrazo , embrace is quite substantial in Tango and there is a place you can feel it. İstanbul  Crossroads and cradle of civilizations, a city , has a population of up to 18 million people and ranks among the first seven cities worth visiting in the world. Embraces Asia on the one hand and Europe on the other.  She gathers people from various cultures, merits  and  qualifications  making it a contemporary metropolitan city.  She is among the paramount destinations for global congresses and major international events.Including  cultural and art events Istanbul Congress Center is the biggest congress center in İstanbul. ICC is an international congress and event destination, boasting world-class hi-tech infrastructure, qualified staff, and a high-quality service it offers to visitors.Spanning an area of 120.000m2 on a total of eight floors, The prestigious  venue    will open its doors to TTP.The Fair will be hosted by ICC and organized by KURE FUARCILIK and TANGO platform (TTP) will be curated by the Turkish artist , social responsibility event organizer  Cigdem Yorgancioglu


Tango is worth contemplation and discussion. And its trembling movements will shake Istanbul in March . Preservation of unity and diversity is quite important in any public  or entity .There is a cultural diversity in tango  but    generational diversity, racial diversity or age diversity is not an issue at all .  I strongly believe that most of the people  is able to become good tango dancer in any age .


Miss Yorgancioglu , collaborate  and cooperate with internal and external stakeholders, crew members  of the events inside the scope of TTP.  we are aware that we all  live in a vibrant  assorted community. We all learning to live with such  diversity;We are exhilarated about the spectacular:extraordinary activities, workshops, key note speeches and shows  in the venue. The schools, the instructors,  renowned  talented  maestros/maestras  and milongueros/milongueras We all are members of glamorous tango society in somehow and improving the quality of our  distinctive dancing, connection, musicality, sentiment...  clear vision, Academicians, experts, choreographer and Argentine tango champions wll be on TANGO THERAPY PLATFORM(TTP) .TTP also gives space to its musicians,  we are on the right track.











Born in Istanbul 1968-Cross-disciplined globe-trotter (107 Countries completed as of Dec 2018) Turkish economist, instructor, auditor, mentor, judicial expert at Criminal and Civil Courts,  Visiting Professor (seminar basis), columnist, artist (Poet, creative writer, painter) , Diplomatic journalist,–member of MSG Musical Work Owners Group Professional Association-NationalGeographic Society Member.  Bachelor degree Faculty of Administrative Sciences Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration& Economics Bosphorus University. (double Major degree), Studied Law Certificate Associate Program in UK. Certified Notarized translator (English-Turkish) Licensed Scuba diver & licensed and awarded swimmer.)Fossilized shark teeth collector, Motivational speaker, trainer, mentor, Event and community coordinator in Social Responsibility projects, licensed  internal auditor (Procurement Auditing Vendor Management). Yorgancıoğlu's first book, published in 2003, commemorates the Nemrut Kommagene festival and the CD and book sales revenues of the poems are transferred to the education and tourism promotion in the East by the Governorate. 2. The book is currently a book that 65 thousand students read as a book, the income of sale of book  65 thousand students are transferred to the course materials and projects. This book was also published by the Governorate as a Culture publication.Cigdem is a world traveler that travels on five continents and also in Turkey and exhibits abroad, make presentations with performance. In addition, She  conduct interviews with ambassadors  from different countries or tribes of various civilizations. Cigdem Yorgancioglu  sucessfully represented Turkey  abroad in  education, social sciences, arts (painting, poetry, theatrical performance, academic presentation, keynote speaker). Turkey  for example America (Florida)-, Czechia(Prague), Switzerland(Geneve), Kosovo (Prishtine, Gjakov, Prizren), Qatar (Doha) China (Guangzhou), Iran (Tehran) our country . Yorgancıoğlu, who tells her experiences in TRT Turkish Radio Seyyah program and TV programs as a guest, is also involved in various social responsibility projects on Peace and Education. .Cigdem , as energy expert(Contractual basis) and as energy magazine editor media member moderated two international energy related Forum panels.  7th International Energy Energy Forum held in Istanbul Shangri La Hotel in October 2018 and in Ankara Sheraton in November 2018.PPP Public-Private Cooperation Forum in Turkey. She was an artist performed in the first exhibition of Turkish products organised in Doha at the Qatar International Exhibition Center from October 3 to 6, 2009  with the theme   “Made in Turkey  in an effort to emphasize the competitiveness of the Turkish industry in the region and deepen the bilateral commercial relations between the Republic of Turkey and the State of Qatar.Her exhibition was supported by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Qatar Embassy at Doha.Her exhibition covered prominent media in Qatar Aljazerra TV ,JaiHindi TV and Qatar Tribune Newspapers. Yorgancioglu represented Turkey, at 28th Tehran International Book Fair 2015 that held at Tehran/Iran. attended by the   support  and the  contribution of  Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Istanbul, Her  keynote speech called "KEYSTONE of CULTURAL BRIDGE " regarding the Perception, Perspectives Culture, Art, Literature Society,Values,Negotiation Culture  between Turkey and Iran at The momentous book fair in Middle East and Asia.  She was inivited by the Peking University, Guangzhou Ministry the Chinese Poetry Research Institute of Peking University, the Chinese Poetry Research Center of Capital Normal University and the Chinese Poetry Society  for the 100th Anniversary of Chinese New Poetry, jointly organized.Represented Turkey in China.  ,Currently involved in Tango dance projects both in Turkey and abroad. She is the woman dancer of the Yemeni (dance partner Hababam Boncuk one of the crew member of the TTP) and Tango Project sponsored by Ministry of Internal Affairs .TTP Project is the 4th leg of her tango social responsibility projects



Graduated from the Faculty of Law -Istanbul University.  Retired Lawyer (2004) Regarding to his cinema career;  Yeşilçam ("Green Pine") is a metonym for the Turkish film production, similar to Hollywood in the US. Ergun Sözen, remembered for his role as “Boncuk”, one of the popular students of Hababam Sınıfı Hababam Class(he Chaos Class) in, one of the legendary cult  films of Yeşilçam (Cinema of Turkey)- He worked with renowned Turkish film director, producer and screenwriter. Ertem Eğilmez . Assist Director – Ergun Sozen is an assistant director and actor, known for  – assist director of movie Ah Nerde (1975).Actor  Hababam Sinifi-Hababam sınıfı sınıfta kaldı  .(1975) .he was into  film critics as well.  legal Adviser -Tango dance instructor- Awarded tango dancers by  (TDSF) and he is attending TTP with  his  partner dentist, previously ballerina  Bahar Özmert representing Hababam Tango School.










Argentine Tango first was introduced in 1997 in Turkey with maestro Cetin Cengiz , ex head of Turkish DanceSport Federation Tango branch, .He is the teachers of teachers in Argentine Tango in Turkey. He had a pronounced contribution for the development of Argentine tango. He . launched the first Argentine tango school and sports club TangoNeon. He is involved in all paired dances. He initiated  first milonga tradition in Turkey, His Milonga Maya is held and organized regularly every week one of energetic friendly and stylish milongas of Istanbul valued by tango dancers in İstanbul, His partner will  be his daughter Şeyma Gökçe Cengiz theatre performer  who  started dance with ballet and continued to deal with other dance disciplines such as modern dance, hiphop, jazz dance and folk dance. In 1997, she danced as a guest at the Portuguese folk dance festival. While studying at Kadir Has University,She founded  a dance club within the university;She  taught latin dances and modern dance at this club. Şeyma started learning  Argentine Tango from her father Çetin Cengiz, then specialized in this field and started to be an Argentine Tango trainer within Tangoneon. He completed his academic education at Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Theater Department,









Kerem Oksuz ,(Geronimo)  the owner of DANSPERA and TANGOPERA brand founder of the TangoPera school  Refere , Awarded Professional dancer,head  trainer, choreographer,soloist . During his education, he worked as an amateur in ballet, modern dance, musical, art music and theater. He  started his dance studies in the years he studied at Istanbul University, concentrated his studies on Social Latin Dances and Argentine Tango over time.  He he has choreographed numerous performances and participated in many festivals both in Turkey and abroad . Professional Teacher of Dancing Certificate (valid in 152 countries)  IDO (International dance organization),- Milli Eğitim Başkanlığı ve TDSF (Turkish DanceSport Federation) He is teaching sirtaki, tango, latin and wedding  dances in his academy.Performed  8 weeks training sessions on Turkish TV channel, his performance and trainings broadcasted live in different TV channels ((CNBC-e, Kanal D, Show TV, TV 8, Show Max, Habertürk) .He and his partner, Illustrator/Animation Designer.  maestra  Elena Maykhrych from Ukraine performed their dances  and classes(Private lessons and workshops ) both in Turkey and abroad (i.e  Argentine (Buenos Aires), Qatar ,Kazakhstan, Ukraine )  and will be in TTP .






Professor Dr  Nilufer Narli holds a degree in Education with a major in Philosophy and minor in Sociology; and MSc in Humanities with a major in Logic, the Philosophy of Science and Philosophy from the Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. She holds a PhD in Social Sciences with a major in Political Sociology from the School of Comparative Social Sciences, University Sains Malaysia. Prof. Narlı is Chairperson of the Department of Sociology and Professor of  Political Sociology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Bahçeşehir University. Prof. Narli’s topics of interest in research and teaching include the following: political participation of  Muslim women; irregular migration in the Balkans and the living conditions of the Syrian migrants in Turkey;  EU Harmonization Reforms: military and good governance in Turkey. Narli’s opinions on Turkish and Middle Eastern politics has been often consulted by local and international media (including BBC WORLD, Al Jazeera, CNN, ZDF, ABC). Narli has been working with women’s rights activists since 1995. She has written several books, including a fiction, “Women of Milonga”.


Ahmet Ortatchdah

Turkish origin  French tenor Ahmet Ortacdag Istanbul German High School, Boğaziçi University- Chemistry and Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Voice Department  few words about his education. He worked as a tenor in the choir of the Paris Orchestra. He took part in the Paris Lucernaire stage as a sound artist in the Sufi Shakespeare game. He toured in Lille as part of the European Capital of Culture with a street opera he performed in northern France. He staged the musical play Ego-Quantum as part of the Avignon Festival Off and James Joyce Theater Festival in Dublin. He received lyrical artist status in France and was accepted into French citizenship. He played a leading role in operas such as The Abduction from the Seraglio - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart., Magic Flute, Cairo Caravan. He performed Turkish Classical Music concerts at the 2014 Avignon Festival. He interpreted French melodies and German lieds at the Theater of Paris and St Louis. Mademoiselle George performed Napoleon in the musical theater play.The author of the book   Comment sortir du capitalisme-How to get out of capitalism

Few words about the  message convey through the  book is “We need to redefine work and work ethics. For modern man, work is designed as its raison d'être, and the inspiration for its self-fulfillment. But, the only reward for our work has become money, which creates a disconnect between dedication and value. In a television program, philosophers and sociologists spoke of freedom. They ended by admitting that the guarantor of their personal freedom is their salary they received each month.Ahmet has a  broad repertoire of tango musics and will interprete tango songs during his performance  at TTP .


Bora Erdem, qualified for the black belt in karate  when he was 16 and became an instructor. He came first in competitions held in Adana, Southern Cities, Istanbul, international organizations held in Turkey and abroad, which he joined as a member of the National Team. He worked as a model and an actor and took part in fashion shows based on music and dance,  dancer, model and choreographer. He came first in competitions organized by some newspapers as the best TV/Cinema actor, he was the second Best Model of Turkey and he achieved the first /second awards at the competitions; The Most Attractive Man in the World. His first encounter with Tango Argentino was on , 2004 .He was elected as a member of the educational committee of the Turkish Dance Sports Federation, Bora Erdem graduated from Haliç University, School of Physical Education and Sports with honours, and during his sports career, he acquired certificates from the General Directorate of Youth and Sports as a level-3 fitness trainer, a level-2 Argentinian tango trainer, 4th grade karate dan and a level-3 karate trainer.He will attend  the TTP with his dance and life partner Ms. Didem Kalkan Erdem General Manager of - one of reputed company in Turkey , studied Deutsche Schule Istanbul, Istanbul Technical University industrial Engineering (Licence and Master degree)





Dilara Öz and Abdullah Citil  are well-known tango teachers & performers in Istanbul and owners of a fastest growing tango school there named Tangoperest.They are finalists of PL Mundial de Tango in both pista & escenario categories and have 4th place in escenario category in Turkey Tango Championship in 2018.Dilara’s partner, Abdullah Çitil, has been dancing & teaching tango for 13 years while apart from tango Dilara have been dancing ballet, contemporary dance, belly dance since 5 years old with also a background in rhythmic gymnastics (eurythmics). In 2015, Dilara is one of the most in demand teacher in woman technique seminars in Istanbul. The Partners became a couple in 2015 and moved to Buenos Aires where they  stayed for 7 months to deepen their  knowledge of Argentine tango in the most authentic way.In Argentina & so far they  have worked with many great maestros with different styles and approaches to tango which has broaden their  perspective and provide them with a lot of tools to share with their students. They define themselves as follows “We are very hard working couple, we improve our dance continuously.We are very dedicated teachers with the love of sharing our knowledge and making a positive impact on people's dance”.







35-year journey in art ,  then an  intersection  point in dance, followed by a success  and awarded  (first)  category  Argentine Tango seniors by Turkey DanceSport Federation  Then decided to continue their activities  under the name of  DE Sanat . Defne Demirel and Enis Altan previously acting as , DD Piano Academy and EA  Dance & Pilates Academy.. performance center DE Arts,   acting in the field of trainings programs  and eventsLCM, RAM and MEB certificate & diploma programs, TDSF and international dance competitions, individual and group events, concerts and performance workshops, and aims to support  people  in gaining real stage experience.Turkish pianist and Instructor Defne Demirel  holds a degree in Education with a major in Piano She was previously lecturing Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory  and Halic University  currently instructor at Okan University ,Enis Altan level-2 Argentinian tango trainer, pilates instructor. Defne Demirel Piyano Akademisi London College of Music Authorized Training and Art Director of Training Center. Enis Altan 2017, 2018 Argentanian Tango Champion of TDSF  (twice) Seniors,Profesional  Freestyle Dancer, , MEB certified Argentine  Tango World Social Dances )nstructor  Pilates trainer- level 2 trainer  




One of prominent name in Turkish Tango Türkan Bulut (1966) He met Tango in 1998 after her professional sports career for many years. She started Tango instructor in 2004. Academic formation continues dance lessons and workshops in Bursa and Istanbul and other provinces with the purpose of developing physiological, psychological and social values ​​that kinesiology (movement knowledge) and dance add to human life. He is the founder of Tango Evita Dance and Art Center (Bursa) and Türkan Bulut Academy, and trainer in domestic and international festivals. He retired after 23 years as a lecturer at Uludağ University Faculty of Education and Faculty of Fine Arts Bulut is level-2 Argentinian tango trainer  Academician instructor Turkey  - Uludağ Tango & Ski Marathon Festival organizer ,gymnastic and pilates trainer  and the co-founder of the academy namely” Türkan Bulut Akademi”. Being the trainer of many dancers and instructors in Turkey ,She is providing Ministry of Education certified master instructor trainer program in her school .  she believes  that tango is a great instrument  that adorns the soul and prioritizes aesthetic, stylish and comfortable dance, She tries to spread the life-long dance principle.




Well-known dance instructor Umit Iris was the dance teacher of the actors and actreses of the  prominent Yesilcam movies He provided several  dance classes as  dance instructor and choreographer in  Turkey  Ms. Seval Ugur Mutlu  who is one of the pioneers of tango dancers , was the  dance partner of the deceased  Ümit İris  who was one of the first , leading names that came to mind when it comes to dance. Seval Uğur Mutlu started her journey of dance , when she was 18 years old,  in her teachers Iris studio toproof  Taksim Sıraselviler street  and her teacher (partner) Umit Iris had many paired dance performances and programs on Turkish TV's TRT ,both in the period of  black and white TV and  color televisions. They performed many shows both in Turkey and abroad. From Valse to  new  year  the  Paso Doble  dance Armada Hotel commenced  "Sunday Nights With Tango" event  with them. Seval also made presentations, program speakers  and acted  in famous films. She is  salon dancer,According to her “In the  journey  of tango dance .... The strings that are reflected in the movement with kindness  is called Tango”. In Izmir television Weekend live broadcast programs .she worked with director Tahsin Okyay ... And the veteran presenter  Erkan Yolaç. Turkish classical music performer, known as the "Diva of the Republic". Veteran   Müzeyyen Senar cals her “Carmen” and they had a sincere talks in Izmir TV











Graduated from  Boğaziçi University, Department of Economics. She worked in Shell, for 10 years. In order to be able to breathe away from the stress and intensity of corporate life, she started to participate in various physical and personal awareness activities, especially Yoga and Tango. Thanks to Yoga and Tango, starting to discover herself through body and movement made her very happy. Over the years she saw positive reflections on the life of his discoveries on the mat and the dance floor. With the effect of all these; she understood that he wanted to live in an environment where he would feel more peaceful, healthy and happy instead of maintaining her  current static  order. She left the corporate life with the desire to “touch the heart and soul of the people”. She is Yoga and Mystical Dance Teacher. Founded Koza Donusum ve Ozgurlesme Merkezi in Istanbul in 2011 . again in thet same year, was Turkey's first Mystical Mystical Dance Dance Instructor after she  receives the TTC in Thailand. She gives her Yoga classes and Mystical Dance (for women only) workshops at Koza . Besides she has other workshops like "How to Relax Yourself", "How to Love Yourself", "Heart Detox" "Balancing Our Feminine and Masculine Energies".









Studied Galatasaray High School  Graduated from the Faculty of Law -Istanbul University-Retired Lawyer-  .Performed many solo art exhibitions between 1985-2004 including Naval Museum Exhibition Venue( 125 pcs artwork oil on canvas)  and various Turkish Banks .He was the head of various Associations including  Uskudar High Education Society and Kadıkoy Tourism Association. He is tango lover and dancing since 2014.










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French Tenor :Ahmet Ortacdag – Curator :Cigdem Yorgancioglu