Cigdem Yorgancioglu The Art of Persuasion, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Negotiation

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  /   4171   /   04 September 2014, Thursday


  The Art of Persuasion, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Negotiation

    Interpersonal Communication
•  What prejudices do we  have about each  other?
•   The Nature of Conditioning
•   The Power of First Impression  how to deal with Prejudices
•   How to convince the chief of the Tribe  diplomat, Ambasador
•   ABC of Human Brain Chemistry; MindMapping
•   Analytic Thinking
•    Preparation stage of Negotiations, The Awareness of Balance of Powers
•    The Fair Propsal Perception on other Party
•    The Power of Self-discipline  S.Confidence in Negotiation ;Conflict
•    Managing  the Phases of the Persuasion
•    Ranking of Concessions 
•    The Power and Weakness of Feedbacks
•    Effective and efficient management of Concessions
•    Conflict Types  
•    Anger Management , Techniques to deal with Agreesive 
•    Avoidance of Conflict,Stress Managemet
•    Communication Outlines
•    Prerequisites & Priorities of Parties
•    How to rank Your Priorities Along With Alternatives
•    Assessment of  Potential Liabilities and Risks
•    Mistakes to Avoid in Communication ;Negotiation
•    Creative Negotiation
•    Avoid Redundancies
•    Verbal ; Non-Verbal Communication
•    Risk Management ,; Game Theory
•     The Power of Contingeny in Conflict Resolutions
•    Facilittaing Strategies of Negotiation
•    The collaboration  between individuals and teams
•    How to make difference via Paradigm Shifts
•    Effective Listening  
•    Articulation
•    Impacts of Effective Body Language  on Persuasion
•    Taking Inititaive ;Responsibility
•    How to Deal and prevent  oppposite reply “ NO”  
•    Improvisation Techniques based on Knowledge Intellect
•    Group Dynamics
•    SWOT Analyze
•    Procastination versus Power of Now
•    Dynamic Problem Solving tecniques
•    How to Create value in your negotiations
•    How to Adjust  negotiation style for different situations
•    How to avoid being cheated  with tactics
•    Who will Make the First Offer
•    Don’t Negotiate with Yourself
•    Silence ; Walk away Tactics
•    The Power  of Humor
•    Note Taking ;Effective Meeting Techniques
•    Workshops ; Case Studies